SunEdit2k Professional  


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With SunEdit 2K you can edit all of the sections in the Rules.INI file. Some of them you can edit the text directly, others you can edit via an easy to use Graphical interface.

You can edit the sections below via a graphical interface

  • Infantry
  • Structures
  • Vehicles
  • Weapons
  • Projectiles
  • Warheads
  • Countries

Editable Sections

  • On some sections you can add new things into the game. For example, on all the sections above, you can add new items into the game. You can even clone existing items, adding a new copy with one mouse click. On the Countries, you can clone an entire side, right down to the units and the weapons they use, ensuring you get a clean copy of the side.
  • You can import either a section, range of sections or the entire rules.ini or firestrm.ini file.
  • The user interface is highly customisable, you can change the textures used on the backgrounds of the windows, you can change the colour of the writing on the windows etc..
  • The Changes browser allows you to see what has changed in the INI file from the defaults
  • Built in Reporting engine, you can see which weapons are used by what units or structures, what warheads are used by which weapons etc..
  • Quick changes window, apply multiple changes to may sections at once - i.e. reduce cost of all the units in one fell swoop
  • Full Support for the Firestorm Addon pack
  • Edit the in-game settings, such as game speed, difficulty, etc..
  • Built in resolution changer - change the in-game resolution of TS up to 1600x1200