RedEdit98 Professional  


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RedEdit has separated the different settings into groups and placed each group on it's own window. This design means you can easily cross reference settings from one window (group) with another.

With RedEdit you can change the way Red Alert plays, from the AI to the Weapons, Audio / Visual Controls to the Warheads that are on the weapons! RedEdit 98 is the most comprehensive and popular Red Alert Editor on the 'net.


  • Changes Browser; See the changes that have been made to a file, before you compile it.
  • Runs either Dos Red Alert, Windows Red Alert or the Remastered version of Red Alert (2020)
  • Quick Changes Window, allows you to change properties of multiple objects (infantry, vehicles or structures) at once.
  • Compatible & will use enhanced features of the Counterstrike Add-on Pack
  • Compatible & will use enhanced features & extra units of the Aftermath Add-on Pack
  • You can import existing rules.INIs or similar formatted files.
  • Ability to import settings from Multiplayer Maps
  • Ability to print the changes made to the settings
  • Ability to save the list of changes made as a text file
  • Ability to save the list of changes made as a HTML file for use on the internet
  • You can add summary information with your file (your name and description of the settings).
  • Ability to use templates to aid quick development of settings for Red Alert.
  • Built-in Text editor, for those of you who prefer to edit the settings by hand. (Features a powerful object search, find any object in the rules.INI in seconds)
  • Ability to check the edited rules.INI file for syntax errors
  • Ability to transfer changes made in the text editor back into RedEdit
  • Ability to selectively import objects into the current settings (e.g. You can import just a unit or a country's settings, merging them with the current settings)

Editable Sections

These are the sections of the INI files you can edit, offering you the full power to change almost every Red Alert setting

  • Structures
  • Vehicles
  • Infantry
  • Weapons
  • Projectiles
  • Warheads
  • Chronoshift Side Effects
  • Crates
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • I.Q.
  • Countries
  • Multiplayer
  • Special Weapons
  • Repair and Refit
  • Combat and Damage
  • Income and production
  • Audio/Visual Map controls
  • Computer and movement controls
  • Super Weapon Charge times
  • Difficulty Settings
  • Land Characteristics
  • Random Crate Power-ups